Monday, August 27, 2007

Surfing Banyans

The most common surf spot for local people on the big island is located on the west side off of Ali'i dr. in kailua-kona. With many surfers in hawaii looking for a surf spot that has great direction for most swells, Banyans is where its at. Back in the hawaiian days Banyans was a canoe landing area where they would set sail on adventures for exploring.

On small days its always fun to go out on a long board and get wet enjoying the sun and great scenery. Some days will be different as the tide changes and the waves start rising as a nice swell rolls in coming from the north, west, or south.
When the waves are big the longboards are put away and the shortboards are out and about ready to rip to the big waves of Banyans. Besides the localism that could put people in their place, the reef formation for all new surfers is important to anylize. With no knowledge of the reef, someone could get badly injured from the waves picking up and slamming over the hard sharp surface. On really big days most pro surfers from the hawaiian islands come out and compete with the dangerous surf. Such a nice beach but yet little because of the hotels that were made along side this beach. Bali kai has taken over most of Banyans which disturbed most locals in such a way that they would rebel towards the private property.
Days go by and seasons change, waves small in the summer and huge during the winter, no matter what there will always be waves at Banyans.